There’s a quick glance and a long explanation.


Quick glance first:


And the longer explanation: 

Sling Meet- A sling meet is a social occasion, like a parent and toddler group with slings. You do not need to have a sling or be looking for one, you just need to want to come and be surrounded by understanding and supportive parents in the same boat as you. It’s a great way of making new friends, getting some peer to peer support and giving parent to parent support to others. Most (but not all) sling meets will have a library in attendance if you do want to stroke the slings, watch others use carriers or borrow one yourself.

This is for you if you just want some sanity, some friendship, someone to hand you a cuppa and tell you they understand or you really want to stroke other peoples slings or talk about your own. 

Sling Library Sessions- These are usually sessions where you can come and get quick help narrowing down the choices for you, have some help fitting a library sling that you can then hire for a period of usually one month. (hire is £10) These sessions are usually free volunteer led sessions, although sessions held in soft play venues may have an entry fee for use of the soft play. You may be helped by a volunteer qualified peer supporter, a volunteer qualified sling consultant or a supervised experienced sling user.
Library sessions can get busy, we can usually show you one or two suitable slings. When sessions are busy and noisy our volunteers may consider it unsuitable for more complex issues such as tandem carrying (carrying more than one child at once), carrying with medical complications or carrying your child on your back. We will help where we can if we consider it to be safe to do so.

This is for you if you have a rough idea of what you want to try (babywearing UK has a nice guide if you’re unsure as does Sling Guide) and want to try out slings, see what your options are, observe other people using slings, without a major outlay. 

Sling Classes- These are workshops run by Parenting North East with a specific objective. They run on the second wednesday of every month at our building in Broadacre house. The morning session is always a slings for beginners session we cover Sling safety, the types and styles of slings and how to wear them with some practical skills thrown in.

The afternoon session usually targets specific needs or problems, They may focus on a particular style of sling or a particular skill. Examples are: Back carrying for beginners, Wrapping, Ring slings, Mei Tais or anything that we’ve noticed lots of people are curious about.

We always have a maximum ratio of 1 trained professional to 4 participants so you always have a chance of getting focussed help, it costs £11 per participant, £3 for observers (partners, friends, grandparents) sling hire is not included, you can bring your own slings with you if you’d like help. Sling hire is £10 for one month if you choose to hire at a class.

This is for you if you are pregnant or just starting to look into carrying and have no idea where to start. The afternoon classes are for you if you are looking for a specific skill or type of sling or you just enjoy sling flinging.


Quick Fix 1-2-1-  if you have a sling you’re not sure you’re wearing right or you’ve maybe narrowed the choice down to 2 specific slings. This is a quick session to help you get the best from your sling or help you fit a couple of slings to you so you can decide. It costs £7 and should you need to hire a sling it’s £10 for 1 months hire.

This is for you if you just need a little bit of help getting your sling comfy, if it’s uncomfortable somewhere or if you know your options and just need to try a couple on with support.


One to One Consultation- These are usually an hour to 90 minutes between your family and a professional sling eductor, we can really spend our time focussing on the needs of you and your family, look at your options for carrying, try on some slings and send you away feeling more confident and comfortable in whatever carrier you leave with. Whatever your needs, medical conditions, overwhelmed by choice, out of hours sling help here we are. This costs £25 and a 2 week sling hire is included with ongoing support via phone or email.

This is for you if you need help, if you’re overwhelmed by choice or have medical consideration or have a specific need or you just cannot get to a class or library session. We do have limited availabilty for home visits for those who cannot get to our offices.


Out of Hours Sling Hire- If you know which sling you’d like to borrow and feel confident using it but cannot get to a meet we can arrange for you to pick up your sling from various locations. £12 for 1 month.