Trying Out – Sleepy Nico

Do you guys know Chris? Chris is an interesting volunteer, he doesn’t get to choose something, he wears whatever I carry Sunny home from HQ in, it leads to some interesting revelations.

We’ve been using one of the sling libraries sleepy nico carriers, mostly because it was in the wash pile and I was running late for the school run, these are Chris thoughts:

I usually like using buckles and meitei’s as I find straps much easier to work with and tighten. Some are difficult to get comfortable if the straps have too much padding or if the buckles are situated in a way that causes them to dig in to the area under my arms
1519828839118779754974.png 151982874999412320230.png

Upsides: I like the webbed straps, they’re not too padded out while still having enough to make them less ‘diggy’ on my shoulders. The overall lower profile and simplicity of the sling made wearing it and adjusting it pretty enjoyable

Downsides:  I didn’t really love the corded material the strap padding was dressed in, it rubbed a bit and felt like it was irritating my skin.
Conclusion: Overall the sling was comfortable, easy to put on and adjust and actually gave me the confidence to try Sunny with a back carry for the first time. It lent itself well to a hip scoot as the shoulder straps were not bulky or excessive in terms of material so they were much easier to work with. I’d be very happy if this one stayed for a while.



You can hire this and other buckle slings from us from our HQ or a library session, get in touch to find out more