Trying It On – Hoppediz Bondolino




Jenny (the Northumberland branch co-ordinator) made me try on a sling that I usually wouldn’t wear. I screwed my nose up when she suggested the Bondelino by Hoppedez so she forced me, I usually prefer to ringsling.

Upsides: Actually, it was quite comfortable. I have a small waist so the Velcro was nice as I could get it snug. Also, it has a pocket!

Downsides: I did find the straps a bit stiff and wide next to my face but that could be because I’m used to wraps and ring Slings so I don’t often use a carrier so structured.

Conclusion: It was comfortable to wear but I didn’t find the seat very deep; maybe with a little practice I could improve on that though. Overall I would happily use it if I needed to but wouldn’t choose it over my pod or ring sling.

We have this and other half buckles for hire, get in touch for a chat.