Thank you!

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thank-youCan we take this moment to give a big shout and a THANK YOU to all of you who support our work?

Without you, we couldn’t:

  • Train consultants – our consultants hold a level three qualification in Babywearing, which trains them in antenatal, postnatal and neonatal physiology, the mechanics of carrying, and the intricacies of all the different kinds of slings on the market. It costs upwards of £400 to train a consultant.
  • Train our lovely volunteer peer supporters. Our peer supporters hold level 2 qualifications in Babywearing, covering listening skills, carrying positions and types of sling. It costs upwards of £90 to train a peer supporter.
  • Insure ourselves for the worst case scenario. It costs over £300 to insure us to keep you safe, and that’s just public liability for the library, it doesn’t cover contents insurance on the arch.
  • Keep the arch open. It costs over £1000 a MONTH to open the arch. We are working on ways to make this more sustainable, but your contributions to Parenting North East all help!
  • Buy new slings. The market changes and new slings become available, our old slings wear out and have to be retired. Lots of sling manufacturers and retailers do us deals, but it still costs lots of money to keep our stock up to date, and enough of it to meet demand.

Like any small organisation, especially those of us in the not-for-profit sector, cash flow is tricky. This is why it makes us sad when people don’t return their slings on time, fail to pay their hire fees, come for help and advice and don’t chuck a quid in the bucket (our families in need policy is here for anyone who genuinely cannot afford to pay for the support and advice that they get).

But most of you are great! So we say thank you for:

  • Booking and paying for a one to one when you needed detailed help;
  • Renewing your sling when you couldn’t get it back on time (bonus WE LOVE YOUS if you did this without being nagged by us!);
  • Chucking what you could afford into the bucket when you brought your own sling along for some help and reassurance;


You really are awesome, and we couldn’t do this without you, so THANK YOU, from all at Parenting North East. Thanks to you, we can continue to help new parents through the minefield of parenting.