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prepay for your hires, get discount. for £40 you can borrow as often as you like for 6 months, saves you lots of money, lets you really try out or just use a sling as much as you need without worrying about the fees or have to think about buying.

You can borrow one sling at a time, change as often as you like at any session run by us, usual terms and conditions apply, don’t forget to set up your myturn account here .

As a special thank you we’ll also give you 20 percent discount on any classes, one to ones and any further hires within your membership.

* makes an awesome gift for a new parent.
* saves money on hires/sling shopping.

When your membership runs out it will automatically convert to a pay as you go hire account, you can of course renew for another 6 months or year if you wish.