Subject to our discretion all loans are for 4 weeks, unless agreed prior to hire, they must be returned by 12pm on the day they are due for return, returns made after this will be charged the daily late fee. Unless agreed in advance between us and you slings must be returned either to a scheduled library session, to one of our volunteers or to the Parenting North East lockbox in person (assessable 24/7) . Outside Arch 21, Forth Goods yard, off Forth st, Newcastle NE1 3PG. Please contact us for the box combination, ensure you’ve included your name, contact details and any late fees.

Slings returned late will incur a fee of £1 per day. If you cannot return your sling on the return date please contact us prior to the return date and we will be happy to try to work out an extension, subject to availability. Slings not returned within four weeks of the return date will be considered lost and further action taken.


We accept cash, debit cards or paypal to finance@parentingnortheast.org.uk for hires. We may also be able to accept cheques or bank transfer at our discretion.

We reserve the right to reduce or waive fee amounts in special circumstances at our discretion.

Fees for sling hire are currently £10 per month or part thereof (£15 for hires outside of a scheduled library session) 


We don’t usually charge deposits for members but we reserve the right to charge a refundable deposit for each sling you hire.


All slings will be thoroughly checked by Parenting North East staff or volunteers, with you before the loan. Slings must be returned in the condition they were lent out in and will be checked with you upon return if possible, if not we will conduct a check and any damages made by you resulting in loss of value will be charged.

We ask that you do not wash your sling without contacting us for instructions beforehand. Incorrect washing can result in loss of value. We are parents too and are used to daily baby mess, we don’t mind a little bit of muck. Please email or facebook message us for instructions if you really need to wash the sling.

Please do not ever smoke while wearing our slings. Let us know if you are a smoker or have pets.

All slings available for hire at the PNE library are safe when used correctly. We will show you how to do this and direct you to instructions. It’s your responsibility to ensure you follow the manufacturers instructions and PNE cannot be held liable for any injuries arising from misuse.

All items loaned to you remain the property of Parenting North East sling library at all times, loans are subject to our discretion.


Paper records are kept of your membership details and hires. Electronic records are kept securely for 1 year and only hold your name, address, hire records and electronic contact details.