Natal Family North EastThe Natal Family NE offer a range of antenatal and postnatal classes and workshops throughout the North East.

MummyNatal is an empowering mindfulness inspired birth preparation programme that promotes informed choice, non-judgemental and unbiased education, because there is no right or wrong way to birth – just the right way for you. We look at ways you can have a calm mind during pregnancy and birth and introduce tools that really help you understand and discover what works best for you, your body and your baby.

We help support mums-to-be to tune into their own birth experience, to focus on the present moment (notMummyNatalBall thinking about the next contraction) and to find confidence and acceptance. We encourage women to trust themselves and listen to their bodies, so that even if their birth experience is not what they ‘planned’, it can still be an incredible and positive one.

Mindfulness, breathing practice, birth ball exercises, birth education and various meditations are key elements of each class on the 6 week course.

Classes are taught in Wallsend by Amy (Natal Bliss) and in Low Fell by Pippa (Your Bump, Your Birth, Your Baby).

MN Breathing on Ball

Baby NatalBabyNatal offers a range of non-biased, non-judgemental classes and workshops for parents. The main focus and ethos of all of the classes is to provide parents with the information they need to make informed choices about what is best for their family and feel empowered to make those choices. The classes/workshops we offer are:

  • Practical Baby Care – covering a range of topics from basics such as how to hold, dress and wash your baby to other topics such as babysleep, calming your baby and the role of dads. This is a practical hands on course that allows parents to practice the skills we discuss.
  • Infant 1st aid – a practical, interactive course that covers; incident assessment, basic life support (including the recovery position and CPR), choking, meningitis, temperature control and burns.
  • Colic and Calm – looking at what colic is, what can cause the symptoms and ways of dealing with it.
  • Baby Sleep – looking at expectations verses the reality of baby sleep, how baby sleep is different from adult BN PBC setupsleep and why it is different, ways of coping with babies sleep patterns and sleep safety.
  • Weaning – introducing parents to the current recommendations and guidelines around weaning, different methods and approaches to weaning and how to deal with choking among other things.

For more details contact the practitioners below:

MummyNatal Wallsend – e:  t: 07747563294

MummyNatal Low Fell – e:  t: 07775773784

BabyNatal – Newcastle e: t: 07813048714