Grow Up Green trial kits available
In partnership with our affiliate Grow Up Green, we can offer cloth nappy advice and library service. We know that making the decision to use cloth nappies can be scary. There is so much choice on the market and it’s hard to know which to choose! But we can help, by explaining all the different types, and letting you try before you buy you can buy with confidence and know you are making the best choice for you (save money), your baby (fewer chemical, cute nappies) and the world (no piles in landfill!).

Aggie is at our HQ Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and holds a nappy natter on Thursday mornings 10-12 with a demo kit for you to see.

If you want to use cloth nappies, but can’t afford to get started, we have a selection of basic, but usable, preloved nappies available for free or a donation to our work at our HQ. Email to talk about getting one of these kits or to book a nappy demo and trial.