We do what we do because we want to see life get easier for all families, no matter what else they have going on or how they choose to parent. If you are in need of support, sling tuition or need a sling but can’t afford one we will do everything we can to help you. We’re not going to ask you to prove you are eligible, we’re not going to delve into your circumstances, we’re going to trust you and hope that one day you’ll pay the sling love forward.

How does it work? 

You can inbox us via the contactus button, we’re lovely. Make “I’m with carrie” the subject, explain what you need and we will do our best, we will never judge you.

If you can get to a sling library session then come along, we don’t charge for that (though some are in soft plays that do charge entry, if you’re not sure then get in touch)

If you need a sling but can’t afford one then either let us know you’re coming and we’ll discreetly let the admin know or you can write “I’m with carrie” on your hire form and we will fund your loan.

If you need more help than we can give in a library setting contact us, make “I’m with carrie” the subject,, tell us what’s stopping you carrying now and we’ll do our best to help.
We are run entirely by volunteers who work pretty much round the clock taking time and money from their own businesses and families to do so, we know what it’s like to struggle, we don’t have a lot of spare money it’s true, so what we ask of you is to consider what you can afford (10p, £1, £10, a kind word for a stranger, anything) and give us that, if the answer is no pennies we will love you just the same.

A small reminder that we’re doing this because money should never be a barrier to carrying, we’re doing this because we love to, It’s not a bargain discount code, just help for those really in need, please consider if you fit our criteria before applying.


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