Friendly Faces – Katy

We have a vision.

A family space where you can drink tea, be guaranteed a listening ear when you need it, eat biscuits and lounge while the small ones roam around the toys. A family space as home for our roaming sling library where the same sling library services are available when it’s convenient for you. A family space library home where you can shop for slings, nappies and safe sustainable nursery products with experts on hand to help you and no pressure to buy.

We thought it might be nice to say hi to some of our volunteer solidarity officers, meet Katy:

katy and children in a rainbow sling looking happy and free
katy and children in a rainbow sling looking happy and free


Katy is our resident baby care expert, she’s a qualified teacher and sling consultant and she says;

I love helping parents find new tools that help them be the parents they want to be. That could be finding the right sling to help them carry their baby, it could be a listening ear and some options for techniques or ideas they could try if they are finding something tough.

I’m passionate about working the PNE as they are all such lovely people who have made such a difference to me when I was finding life as a mum of 2 hard, I want to give something back by helping out and hopefully doing for someone else what they did for me.








Katy can be found at HQ on Thursdays for the weekly drop in.