Woven Wrap 101

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This event finished on 25 January 2018


This workshop will cover a variety of front, back and hip carries with a woven wrap. It would be helpful if participants could bring their own wrap, though we do have some available to borrow for the session or hire. We also have weighted demo dolls if you’d prefer to practise without your child.

The session will be mainly participant led, we are happy to teach whatever carries you’d like to learn. We hope that the session will give participants the confidence and ability to use wrapping techniques and specific types of pass to work out carries we don’t cover in the session alone at a later date.

There will be opportunity to practice with supervision and support either with your own carrier or with one of ours.

We have a ratio of 1:4 at our classes to ensure you get good support. Everyone intending to take part in the workshop requires a participants ticket. If you bring someone with you that is not participating, they require a spectators ticket

Our cancellation policy

We generally recommend waiting until baby is 6 months old and sitting unaided before beginning to back carry. Contact us if you have a reason to back carry before then.