Nappy Natter Drop In

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Event Details

This event is running from 11 January 2018 until 17 December 2020. It is next occurring on 10th December 2020 10:00 am

On a Thursday morning we invite you to our home in the Centre of Newcastle. Aggie and Katie will be on hand to discuss all things baby, help you try a sling, chat about cloth nappies, support you. The  cloth nappy library will be there to stroke, talk about, answer your questions. We have space for littlies to play and coffee and tea and squash on demand. We might even throw in some cake or some biscuits!

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This is free to attend, but have a suggested donation of £2 to help us cover costs.




Please note, it is permit holder parking only outside our office, but Times Square car park is right around the corner and we are a five minute walk from Central Station.

Please also note there are four steps up to our front door. We are working on getting a lift for wheelchair access. If you arrive with a pushchair, give us a shout and we will come help you in to the building.