Slings and baby carriers for the complete beginner class

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This event finished on 14 January 2019

Introduction to carrying your babyAre you a complete beginner to slings and carriers? Want to start carrying your baby but don’t know where to start? Pregnant and want to know what options are available? Then this is the session for you!

Over the course of 2 hours you will –

Learn how slings and baby carriers can ease you and your babies transition to the world.

Help with colic, feeding, sleep and your postnatal recovery

  • learn how to achieve and identify a safe carry when choosing and using a carrier;
  • see the different kinds of carriers available
  • hear which are the best carriers for newborns and upwards
  • practice how to use different kinds of carriers using demo dolls or your own child.


We aim for a ratio of 1 tutor to 4 class participants to give you support in trying out different carriers. We will answer any questions you may have.

At the end of the session you have the option to hire a carrier for your use from our sling library. FREE STRETCHY WRAP HIRE INCLUDED!

If you wish to bring someone with you to the class, who will not be trying slings on, but just watching, you need to book a spectator place for them. Any adult intending to take part in the workshop requires a participants ticket. Please read our cancellation policy before booking